At Crafted we are incredibly proud of our coffees. We are even more excited about sharing them with our customers.

We are focused on sourcing coffees that we are truly chuffed with and invest heavily in time and effort to find those coffees. Each year we travel to work with as many of our farmers around the globe as we can. We are developing long-term relationships with those who supply our coffee and we work to develop equally as strong and long term relationships with our Cafe customers.

At Crafted we work with our Cafe’s to provide:

  • Barista Training from some some of New Zealands top Barista’s (Carl Sara 4x New Zealand Champion, Hide Kono 2x New Zealand Finalist)
  • Stunning Coffees
  • Different brewing methods including Espresso (of course!), Pour-overs, Siphons and Filters.
  • Support with your cafe operation, from setup through to advice with day to day operation.
  • Scheduled Machine maintenance and technical support.

If you would like to know more about Crafted and how we can be a part of your Cafe, please feel free to contact us at, call us at 03 348 4833 or of course come on in and we can have a coffee together!