Welcome to The Crafted Coffee Company – the pinnacle of coffee roasters and baristas in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Crafted Coffee Company was founded by Carl Sara, four times New Zealand Barista Champion. Coffee Competitions and 10 years owning Cafes provided Carl with the unique opportunity to travel extensively internationally, participating and observing in many of the different levels of the coffee world. Crafted Coffee Company is a chance for Carl and his Team to share some of that knowledge and Coffee with you.

CCC sources all of its own coffees, working closely with farmers, brokers, small Co-ops and friends all around the globe to deliver ethically sourced, incredibly tasty coffees that we are very proud to offer. In the Cafe a broad range of Brewing methods are on offer, each one is a different coffee experience.

Carl invests heavily in time and effort travelling to Origin (Where the coffees are grown) and being directly involved with competitions, projects and conferences so he can develop the best understanding possible of each of the coffees CCC use.

Once the coffees are landed into the Roastery Carl and Hide Kono (2x NZBC 2nd placed Finalist) enter a constant process of cupping and sample roasting so that they understand the coffee as best as possible to best present the nuances of each coffee to you. There is always a broad range of coffees on offer, something for everyones palate so best you make some time and enjoy a Crafted Coffee either at home, or in at the cafe.